Homosassa Fishing

Let's go Scalloping!

It just doesn’t get any better than Scalloping in the Homosassa area in the Summer time. Scallop season in Homosassa runs from July through September. During this time, the scallops are usually found in shallow water near seagrasses. Our family-friendly scallop charters are focused on small groups of 4 – 6 people. Over the years, Captain Duane Tibbetts has learned how to expertly spot scallops and can help you learn to snorkel and spot scallops, as well. You get personal attention and guidance whether you’re a beginner or returning scalloper. That makes scallop hunting a great family summer vacation.

Every year, scallops go to the shallow coastal grass flats off the shore of Crystal River. They can easily be caught by snorkelers exploring the apartments because they are frequently seen in less than 6 feet of water. The meaty muscle that seals the shell is a tiny tasty morsel. A productive day can produce a lot of scallop flesh because each boat can bring in up to 10 gallons of entire scallops.

Experience Amazing Scalloping Adventures

Go on an underwater treasure hunt for scallops. An Adventure for all ages. Long as you know how to snorkel, you’ll be a scalloping master. Bring Your Snorkeling Gear. We will be supplying everything, except your food, water, sunscreen, other personal things, and scallop gear.

The season is limited to summer months, so make sure you book early to ensure your next scallop adventure.